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5 Senior Exercise Myths
Exercise Myths for Seniors #1Im Just too old to start now. This is not true. You can start a workout routine at any age – even in your 90's. You are never too old to perform some sort of physical activity to better your health. In the beginning, you may have a few restrictions depending on your present condition, but that doesn’t have to stop you. Myth #2Aerobics are too rigorous and I might break a hip. Many hip fractures in the elderly are due to falls not exercising. One of the best exercises you can start with, especially if you led a sedentary life, are senior balancing exercises. However, that doesn't mean you can't add some aerobics to your weekly routine. Your cardio workout doesn't have to be a high impact activity. Light to moderate aerobic activity keeps your body moving and improves conditioning so you can handle a more intense session at some time in the future.Senior Exercise Myths #3Exercising will cause a heart attack.  Exercise can actually reduce your risk of heart disease, but it's definitely important to check with your doctor before beginning any exercise program if you have concerns. Make sure to follow your doctor's recommendations and you are more likely to succeed.Myth #4I weigh too much to exercise. When people reach a size that is overwhelming, the thought of exercise just seems too far fetch. However, being extremely overweight is one of the best reasons to exercise. As we age our metabolism slows down so you may have put on extra weight that makes it seem more difficult to get up and get active. If you exercise you can actually increase that slowing metabolism and start shedding those extra and unwanted pounds. There are always exercises that you start with if you're overweight until you feel comfortable doing more. Start slow with a gentle walk, water aerobics or strengthening exercises you can do in a chair. Exercise Myths for Seniors #5I will get hurt if I lift weights. Strength training is the best way to...
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