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* Northside Hospital was a sprawling, glittering marvel spread over three hectares, with a central administration block of steel and glass that flung itself triumphantly twelve stories into a cloudless sky. A decade in construction, not counting the three month delay while protesters lay in the mud in front of the bulldozers, the complex catered for half the city's medical needs, with unheard of efficiency. It was, simply the best hospital in the state. And I, Mark Welby thought to himself, am part of it! Striding across the busy reception hall after completing his rounds in Cardiac, the young Dr Welby collided with Nurse Sally Mitchell, a green-eyed blonde whose willowy figure had caught his attention from day one. He caught her before she fell, and slipped her arm protectively around her waist. 'Sorry Sally, are you okay?' he enquired. "I'm fine Dr Welby, I just wasn't looking where I was going.' She blushed at the sudden closeness, then straightened her cap and skirt. 'Well, I'm glad it was you that I bumped into and not Sister Greer,' he joked, thinking of the stern woman who ran the wards in C Block. 'She would have seen it as a political act, I'm sure!'

* Who is included
The people included are Dr Mark Welby, Sally Mitchell, Sister Greer, and the protesters, hospital * What is missing
Any other point of view apart from Dr Mark Welby
* Who is empowered (because they are talked about)
Dr Mark Welby is empowered as he works in the hospital in cardiac, he saves Sally from falling, he is young and has status, by speaking highly of the hospital it makes Mark is even more empowered, also Nurse Sally Mitchell as she is good looking and is spoken of highly by Dr Mark Welby but has less status as she calls Mark Welby by his Title, and he calls her by her name, Sister Greer and the hospital which has been empowered, but she has not been mentioned positively. * Who is disempowered

Sister Greer is disempowered as she is joked about by Dr Mark Welby...
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