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Topics: Urban area, City, Urbanization Pages: 3 (347 words) Published: July 28, 2013

1. Define urbanization and identify its two dimensions….

(a) definition:

(b) dimensions


2. What is the percent of the world=s population that could be defined as urban for each of the following years?

a. 1800

b. 1850

c. 1900

d. 1950

e. 2000

3. Describe what is happening in MDCs and LDCs as far as the percentage of urban dwellers is concerned. [pic]

4. List the largest cities in MDCs and LDCs as defined
by the US Bureau of the Census and the United Nations

5. How does the growth of urban areas in LDCs represent
a reversal of the trend in urban growth historically?

During the 1930's, Louis Wirth argued that people living in urban areas led a different kind of life than people in rural areas. He believed that human sociology was affected by three characteristics of urban areas. These are listed in the table below in the left column. Complete the table with a description of the sociological effect he believed each condition had upon people in cities.

Physical Definitions of Urban Settlements

5. What are three characteristics of a “city” as it is defined legally? a.



6. Define the term urbanized area as it is used to define a Acity@.

7. What does MSA stand for?

8. What are the characteristics of an MSA?

9. Identify an advantage and a disadvantage of using an MSA to define Acity@?

a. advantage:

b. disadvantage:

10. Regarding micropolitan areas…

a. what is their size?
b. what were these cities classified as previously?

c. how many, and where, are they in the US?

11. What is the meaning of the term megalopolis? (and what was the original example?)

12. Use an atlas map showing American cities to sketch/shade in the three major American megalopoli (as described in the text, pp. 444-45) on the map below.

NOTE: Label the...
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