Topics: Colonialism, Complexity, Essay Pages: 1 (371 words) Published: March 24, 2011
The topic of genocide & comparing 4 case studies is much too big for an 8 page essay. You will end up with a lot of research that you will not be able to incorporate & will necessarily have to over-generalize. Also, the treatment of Canada’s aboriginal peoples as genocide would be too large of a topic in and of itself. This is controversial & has not been deemed as genocide—the other cases that you describe have been. There are a number of factors that are considered before genocide can be applied. This could be an essay in and of itself: how is genocide determined and why are some cases more easily designated than others? This could allow you to look @ several cases in relation to the process of designation of genocide. What I would suggest is to look @ 1 particular case. Then based on the definition of genocide, establish how & why this was determined (this could be fairly succinctly stated so as not to take up too much room in the essay), then look @ a particular aspect in the roots of the genocide. For example, a focus on the divisions created by colonial authorities in Rwanda that created the conditions for the later genocide. Or you could look @ how people are categorized in a particular case of genocide—how was group membership determined, on what basis, and how was this translated into genocide? Or you could look @ how 1 group of people is convinced that eradicating another group of people is justifiable. Why did people go along with it? These are just some ideas to get you thinking about how to make the essay more manageable. This will also save you time in the long run. Genocide is complex & multifaceted. It takes a long process to convince people to commit violent & inhumane acts on another group of people. They always feel justified in doing so at the time, whether because they believe in the necessity to exterminate another group of people, or if only to save their own life. In sum, there is much complexity to be grappled with here,...
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