Topics: HIV, AIDS, Blood Pages: 2 (567 words) Published: December 1, 2013


Isis Ramos

Professor Carol S. Marshall
Biology 101
September 30, 2013

HIV is not AIDS! HIV is what leads to AIDS. It infects all types of people, from poor to rich, young to old, and guy to girl. There are only a few way to completely be out of its reach, but that would mean giving up some things most people find entertaining. So today we will learn more about the one virus that can cause us a lot of grief, HIV. HIV is mostly transmitted by having unprotected sex. According to the Center for Disease Control, CDC, HIV is transmitted through bodily fluids such as blood, semen, pre-seminal fluid, vaginal fluids, anal fluids and breast milk from a HIV positive person can infect someone else. These fluids will not have any affect unless it comes into contact with the mucous membrane located in the mouth, butt, opening of the penis, and vagina ( Another way for you to get infected with HIV is if the blood of an infected person is injected into the blood stream ( The CDC also states that having anal sex and multiple sex partners increases the risks of contracting HIV. HIV classified under the “Family: Retroviridae; Genus: Lentivirus; Species: HIV-1 and HIV-2. HIV is an enveloped, icosahedral nucleocapsid with cone-shaped core structure that has spherical to pleomorphic particles, and is 106-183 nm in diameter” ( The symptoms HIV causes in its early stage resemble the symptoms of a cold or a flu that seems to last for a few weeks, these symptoms include: fever, headache, feeling exhausted, swollen lymph glands, sore throat and skin rash (TreatHIVNow). Sometimes there are no symptoms to accompany the disease, but if left untreated or undiagnosed HIV will eventually turn to acquired immunodeficiency syndrome better known as AIDS (TreatHIVNow). There is no known cure for HIV or AIDS. There are combinations of anti-HIV drugs that can help combat HIV....

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