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Be Known and Aware of HIV Infection
Chanakarn Tiansivarat
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Srinakarinwirot University: International Collage for Sustainability Studies

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Be Known and Aware of HIV Infection
There are many way to get HIV infection on both directly and indirectly. Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) can exist in blood and body fluids. This virus can hide in body cells, sometimes for years. People can become infected with HIV by having sex with an HIV- infected person or by reusing an HIV-contaminates hypo-dermic needle for an injection McGraw-Hill (2005). Some people who have HIV infection will have a physical weakness immediately after they has an infection but some of the patient do not have any symptom after they got an infection which can last up to years before they have some symptom. HIV had been cause mother to miss some activities with their children as well. About one-third of women stated that their HIV status has caused them to miss the daily tasks of caring for their children such as cooking for their kids, cleaning the house, bringing the kids to school, and helping with homework Murphy,A., Roberts,J., Herbeck,M.,(2011). Also a person who has an infection most of them has been hinder from social including their friends and their family because of a social unacceptable.

HIV can attack the immune system, and gradually causes damage. This can mean that a person infected with HIV is at risk of developing some serious infections and cancers that a healthy immune system can fight off. HIV can be transmitted through sexual contact, pregnancy, childbirth and breast feeding, injection drug use, occupational exposure, and blood transfusion. First, sexual transmission of HIV has been described from men to men, men to women, women to men, and woman to woman through vaginal, anal, and oral sex which are risk behaviors to get an infection...
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