HIV and AIDS: A Huge Problem in the UK

Topics: AIDS, Tuberculosis, HIV Pages: 3 (553 words) Published: November 7, 2010
Q: Write between 800 words and 1200 words about the HIV/AIDS problem in your country. You must cover the following points: 1. The size of the problem: How many people are infected? Which are the key population groups that are affected? What are the main routes of transmission? 2. Describe the cultural/social norms in your country and how they impact on the developing situation 3. How do you think that the knowledge above might be used to tackle this problem and reduce the spread of the HIV/AIDS? WORD COUNT: 898

HIV is one of the fastest growing serious health conditions in the UK. Here are some of the recent statistics. All data is taken from the Health Protection Agency (HPA) sited in the • There are currently around 83,000 people living with HIV in the UK • Around 27% of these people are undiagnosed and do not know about their HIV infection.  • Over 18,000 people with HIV have died since the early 1980s • There were 7,298 new diagnoses in 2008

• 55% of people diagnosed with HIV in 2008 were diagnosed late, after they should have already started treatment. • 38% of new HIV diagnoses in 2008 were among men who have sex with men • There have been 25,470 diagnoses of AIDS in the UK, and 18,787 people diagnosed with HIV have died. The latest statistics on AIDS & HIV in the UK were published in August 2009 by the Health Protection Agency.

UK HIV diagnoses by transmission route, all years until the end of June 2009 {1}


|How HIV infection was probably acquired |Male |Female |Total* |% | |Sex between men† |44,947 |0 |44,947 |43% | |Sex between men and women |18,122 |28,790 |46,919 |44% | |Injecting drug use |3,550 |1,533 |5,083 |5% | |Mother to infant...
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