Hiv/ Aids a Comparision Between Gujarat and Maharastra

Topics: AIDS, HIV, Condom Pages: 6 (2049 words) Published: May 14, 2009
Compare and contrast of HIV/AIDS prevention and care programme between Gujarat and Maharashtra states in India

India has a serious health problem with Hiv/AIDS. In 2006, 3.1 million people were living with the virus, according to NACO( The National Aids Control Organisation). In 2006, the 15-44 age group had a HIV prevalence of 0.28%, so 1.7 million people were HIV positive in India at that time. 1986 witnessed the first case then by 1990 it had assumed epidemic proportions. Today HIV positive numbers in India are the second highest in the world This essay will compare the HIV/AIDS prevention and care programmes in Gujarat and Maharashtra. Gujrat has below 5% prevalence rate among high risk groups and less than 1% in the general population. In contrast, Maharshtra has a 18.4% HIV prevelance rate in the high risk group with the faster transmission. The chief cause of the spread of infection is unprotected sexual behaviour. HIV/AIDS prevention and care is the national health programme and it is being implemented throughout India. All the states have implemented the programme under the supervision of the state committee. Gujarat and Maharastra are the two states in India which are different in their culture. Under the same programme both states have made their own policies and sub-programmes. This essay also includes the studies of HIV/AIDS prevention and care in Gujarat and Maharashtra which are industralised states in India.The choice of these two states can be justified as Gujarat has a medium prevalence rate for HIV infection whereas Maharashtra has a high prevelance rate. These states are different both in their culture and geography. Maharashtra has the largest number of HIV/AIDS patients and Gujarat is between a high and low number of HIV/AIDS affected patients. The element of care focuses on the treatment of HIV as palliative care which uses A.R.T. for those patients living with HIV/AIDS. In the strategies of prevention both states are adopting and promoting the use of condoms. Additionally, this essay discusses the strengths and weaknesses of the health care program of condom promotion and A.R.T. Programmes the strategies of HIV prevention in both states.

For quick and effective implementation of the programme, “The State AIDS Control Society” has been formed by the Government of Gujarat as directed by Central Government. The objective is to prevent and control the spread of HIV/infection in the state.In order to create awareness among the public regarding HIV/AIDS. Under the above programme there are many activities but here only A.R.T. for PLWHA and the condom promotion programme are discussed in the context of the state of Gujarat for the prevention of HIV/AIDS. The objective of the condom program is to ensure easy access to good quality , affordable condoms in order to promote safe sex. In Gujarat with the help of the NACP II programme, condoms are distributed by the Gujarat AIDS control society. For this promotion they are using a strategy which makes three main approaches free distribution of condoms , secondly social marketing of the condoms and lastly commercial distribution. Free distribution of condoms for the high risk group population is done with the help of both the public and private sectors such as primary health and community centres , hospitals, NGOs and private companies like Reliance and Ambuja in Gujarat. Condoms are made available with the help of NGO workers, social workers, and volunteers even at the theatres for the general population. NGOs in this state distributed 11578077 condoms in 2003 and in 2006 it reached 50336464. Efforts to control the spread of HIV infection includes raising public awareness. This has been attempted in various ways, using TV radio, the printed media and forms of folk art.

International organisations like UNICEF send their representatives to participate in many promotions and exhibitions to make people aware of this type...
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