Hiv/Aids Among Women in South Africa & India

Topics: Human sexual behavior, AIDS, HIV Pages: 2 (529 words) Published: May 28, 2014
Women are facing devastating effects of HIV/AIDS in South Africa and India. In the two countries women are already economically, culturally and socially disadvantaged lacking access to treatment, financial support and education. They are outside the structures of power and decision making. With no control over their bodies and sexual relations. They are looked at as the main transmitters of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) referred generally as women diseases.This topic is important to study to see how this disease is affecting women in these countries . How their government is handling the situation. What type of medical treatments are they being helped with and given to help cure the problem . The prevalence of HIV/AIDS is rapidly spreading in young women in South Africa and India . In India, the first cases of HIV were detected in late 1986 among sex workers in Chennai, Tamilnadu and till the year 2005 there were more than five million people infected with HIV out of a total population of 1.02 billion (Solomon S., Celentano D.D). Since India has a large population, even low prevalence turns itself into large number of HIV infected patients. National AIDS Control Organisation (NACO) was established in 1992 under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to take the initiative of establishing HIV testing centres, improving blood safety and controlling hospital infection ( Godbole S. MS). HIV commonness among young women aged 15 years to 24 years in South Africa is estimated at between 15 to 25 percent ( National Department of Health (South Africa)). Shisana et al (Shisana O, Rehle T) estimated an estimate of 16.9 percent in 2012. HIV widespread of about 4 to 6% among young men, although high in Pettifor et al (Pettifor AE, MacPhail C) have reported the high efficiency of HIV transmission from men to women in South Africa. They reported that, many HIV infected young women in South Africa had not had significantly more sexual partners than women of...
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