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I. Title: HIV / AIDS Date: December 10, 2011 Name of speaker: Darius Umande

II. Overview of the topic

As I have learned from my past lessons in high school and elementary, HIV which stands for human immunodeficiency virus is a kind of virus, specifically lentivirus, that causes the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome better known as AIDS. As what our high school teacher taught us, HIV can be transmitted commonly from person to person by having an unsafe sexual intercourse with an infected person whether anal, oral or vaginal sex, through blood transfusions from the contaminated needles, and the transmission from a mother to her baby after giving birth.

About the signs and symptoms, what I know is that a person rarely develops the complications severely. Usually, a person develops the complications within one year, from somewhere in 8 – 10 years, and within 20 years. Some of the common symptoms of primary HIV are fever, aching muscles and joints, sore throat and swollen glands like lymph nodes. I think that this is why more and more people are suffering from this virus because they thought they they do not have this virus because the signs and symptoms are common and the virus is rarely developed until they notice it or had a check – up.

AIDS is caused by HIV. This affects the immune system. If left untreated, it takes around ten years on average for someone with HIV to develop AIDS. However, this is for persons who have a reasonable diet, people who are not that healthy have a greater possibility to progress from HIV to AIDS more rapidly. AIDS is a major health problem in different parts of the world, and Philippines is one of the countries with a huge number of HIV cases. Although treatments for HIV/AIDS can slow the course of the disease, there is no known cure or HIV vaccine. It can only be treated and lessen the

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