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Writing for the College Bound
12 February 2013
Power Hitting 101
Most of my life has been about softball because of my passion for the sport and it is very fun. Although as players get older how fast girls can run, how many errors a girl makes, and her batting average really starts to matter. With that in mind I decided I wanted to improve my game, specifically my swing. When I first started my high school softball career is when a technique called Power Hitting was introduced to me. My coach, Mark Ingle coaches a Gold team in Olathe called Peppers. He is a wonderful, understandable, and funny kind of coach. This technique that he taught me is sure fire I believe because he started it with his own daughter, Marissa Ingle who has played for KU since her freshman year with the leading batting average. I’m sure as readers the question that comes to mind is what exactly is Power Hitting? Power hitting is the use of all muscle the batter has and how fast the batter is able to trigger that muscle to get a good solid hit every time. The power is coming from the amount of force the batter uses on the upper half of the body. Quickness or speed comes from the bottom half when you “squish the bug” and the hip closing to finish the swing. Coach Mark has told me that by the end of my lessons I have to teach someone else how to properly do this swing. I’m hoping that this look into how a work out for Power Hitting should go will help any fellow softball players looking for a boost in their batting average.

When warming up is better to have just two people the batter and a coach or any other person who knows about softball to help with the tee work and the pitching part. The materials needed for most of the work out is the tee, 60+ softballs, and a bat of choice. The coach should place the tee the batters perfect strike. The coach will be on the opposite side to place the balls on the tee and watch your form. Once the ball is placed the batter will then take...
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