Hitler vs. Stalin (Incomplete)

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Hitler vs. Stalin
The communist and fascist governments of Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin are disputably the worst of all time. The Nazis in Germany and the Soviet Union in Russia were totalitarian states. Both Hitler and Stalin had similar ways of working towards their goals and wishes. Although trying to reach those goals were the same, they also had many difference as well.

Beside using their power to bring about death and chaos, Hitler and Stalin ruled in similar ways. Propaganda and censorship were used by both. The propaganda made the citizens of their countries think that the way they were being ruled was the best way and they gave their leaders support. The censorship, censored all the bad things about their ruling so that outside countries would think that they were great and cared for their countries. Another similar feature of these two was that they both had massive killings. Hitler hated Jews and had killed 6 million of them during the Holocaust, while Stalin had the Great Purge and killed 680,000, or anyone who he thought was against him and his ways. In total, not just in the Great Purge, Stalin killed almost 10 million people. Neither of these two leaders felt any sympathy towards the people they killed. Although they supported different was of governing their countries, they both wanted complete support by their citizens and wanted their devotion. Lastly, both Hitler and Stalin used terror to guard their societies.

Although there are many similarities between Hitler and Stalin they also have many differences. Hitler came into power by an election while Stalin came into power by means of bribery. Stalin was the state secretary so he gave high power jobs and told them to vote for him. While they both used propaganda, Hitler spoke out to the public more and Stalin kept mostly inside and did not go out often. One of main differences between these leaders was that Hitler was a communist and Stalin was fascist. Communism wanted everyone to...
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