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Topics: World War II, Nazi Party, Adolf Hitler Pages: 2 (479 words) Published: September 24, 2013
Loran Arnold
History 420

Hitler vs. Stalin, the Evil Master Minds of the Twentieth Century
Hitler and Stalin are names that will be forever remember as evil master minds of killing millions of people in order to create a perfect race. In this paper, there will be a comparison of Hitler and Stalin’s careers. Also, investigating which one had a greater impact on the twentieth century.

Hitler started his rise to power in 1919 when he joined the German Workers’ Party at the end of World War I. By 1921, he took control of the party and changing its name to NSDAP, the National Socialist German Workers’ Party. In 1923, Hitler was sentenced to prison for setting up an “armed uprising against the government in Munich” . He was released a few years later. At this point in his life, he dedicates everything he has to the NSDAP. In 1929, Hitler had increased the members from 27,000 to 178,000. In 1933 Hitler took over power becoming chancellor of Germany and to form a new government. Hitler wanted to wipe out the Jewish culture. He started concentration camps. He also put Germans who believed in any of the democratic elements. By the end of World War II, Hitler had murdered 6 million Jews and murdered millions more for other reason he felt necessary.

Stalin began his political career in 1922 as the General Secretary of the Central Committee. Stalin had a five year plan, which included an economic plan for a finite amount of time. Most of his plans were usually finished. His five year plan also launched a time when agriculture was there main source of income to an industrialized society. The transformation from agricultural to an industrial society caused for less food for the people therefore led to a massive feminine. Stalin is known for his development of the Terror of the 1930’s. “Stalin purged the party of ‘enemies of the people’, resulting in the execution of thousands and the exile of millions to gulag system of slave labor camps” . According to...

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