Hitler and Stalin

Topics: Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Nazism Pages: 1 (427 words) Published: March 4, 2009
One of the most famous men for using his power for evil is Adolf Hitler. Everyone today knows all of the hatred and diversions he brought to the world. Hitler had a dream and this dream was to have one race with blue eyes and blonde hair. Of course not everyone in the world had those features so his big plan was to annihilate everyone who was different or stood in the way of him conquering his dream. Hitler’s rise to power did not take long. Hitler was very charismatic and had many followers. Like today how actors and stars sometimes act out just to get noticed Hitler started many protests and little up-roars in streets when he began to get involved in parties and groups and that’s how Hitler came to be noticed. Just like Joseph Stalin, Hitler came into power at a time of high instability in their countries and they both took advantage of it to gain political support for their totalitarian causes. Hitler was intrigued by Marxism while Stalin was fascinated with Fascism. Hitler like Stalin made use of an elite body guard named The Joseph Stalin and Hitler both sought to blame other people for the problems that were playing in their countries at the time. For Hitler it was the Jews and for Stalin he saw capitalism as a great enemy. Like Hitler, Stalin ruled with an iron fist and used terrorism to enforce his will on people. Hitler and Stalin were both skillful in many areas but their best was propaganda. They could twist their words and manipulate people into believing what they had to say. Hitler made many speeches, but the one that proved he used propaganda was his final speech he gave before his treason. Stalin on the other hand was able to hide his manipulative skills better but in his speech to the Fifteenth Congress in 1927 it had many lies within it. The success of these two men was mostly attributed to their politics and new ideas.In conclusion, Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler had many similarities in their rise to power. To me the things that stood out the...
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