Hitler and Mussolini

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Comparing Hitler and Mussolini as political leaders and thinkers. To what extent did Hitler and Mussolini use similar methods in establishing their dictatorships

Hitler looked up to Benito Mussolini during most of his political career, but Mussolini didn’t share that feeling. After Mussolini and Hitler met for the first time, Mussolini said: “I don’t like him, he looks like a weasel.” These two leaders have loads of similarities, but differences as well.

oHitler and Mussolini used the people and the army/navy to establish power •Popular acts
oThey did popular acts to the public like tax breaks/refunds. oAdolf Hitler was a brilliant speech giver. He could make everybody listen and the public got convinced of the message he gave. •Other politicians were wrong

oThey both pointed fingers at the other politicians when things went wrong. This lead the public to vote out the bad politicians and voted in the politicians that agreed with Hitler/Mussolini oIn parliament Hitler and Mussolini gathered small groups of followers they would use to bully voters, Hitler's SS and SA and Mussolini's Brown Shirts. The point of these behind these parties was that they both expressed what voters wanted to hear. They spoke of greater job opportunities and rejuvenation of their countries. o

Politicians stepped down
oOnce they had the majority the politicians saw that they were not as good as Hitler/Mussolini at ruling the country so they stepped down and let them become dictators. oHitler banned all political parties

oMussolini outlawed all political parties except Facism.
Methamphetamine factories
oHitler and Mussolini both used a strong line of methamphetamine factories to keep their soldiers awake and alert during long night battles. oEr zijn verschillende medische toepassingen voor dit middel. Voorbeelden van gebruikers zijn atleten, studenten of (straaljager)piloten, die onder grote druk toch goed willen of moeten presteren. In de Tweede Wereldoorlog gebruikten beide zijden het middel. Onder de Wehrmacht stond het bekend als Panzerschokolade oftewel tankchocolade. Dit om bij langdurige gevechten bemanning van gepantserde wagens meer uithoudingsvermogen te geven. Voor vliegeniers was er de Fliegerschokolade. Ook in de recente conflicten in het Midden-Oosten wordt meth gebruikt door soldaten. Methamfetamine wordt ook gebruikt als vermageringsmiddel (omdat het hongergevoel onderdrukt wordt). Ook bij extreme vormen van ADHD en ADD wordt het gebruikt. Een merknaam voor methamfetamine is desoxyn. Methamfetamine wordt meestal in zijn kristallijne vorm als methamfetamine hydrochloride ingenomen. Dit kristallijn hydrochloride is als "ice" bekend. oThis is how Mussolini's Kamikaze pilots were able to stay up for so long in order to use their own airplanes as weapons for their country's honor. •Propaganda

oHitler turned press, radio, literature, painting, and film into propaganda tools. oMussolini censored radios and newspapers
oHitler and Mussolini used violent propaganda to increase social struggle everywhere in their countries. The polarization (the process by which the public opinion divides and goes to the extremes) of the society produced by this violent behavior benefited the fascist parties. o

oMussolini outlawed strikes
oHitler banned strikes.
oThey both died right after their defeat
Secret police
oThey both used their secret police to force their ideal totalitarian state. Mussolini used the Cheka, blackshirts and Hitler the Gestapo and the ss. With the secret police they were able to ruthlessly eliminate their opposition. oThey both used brute force and had dissidents (andersdenkende) killed •Goals

oThey both wanted to create vast empires (grote rijkdommen) oThey both wanted to expand their respective political systems to other nations. •Belief
oThey were both facist
oThey shared movements that were typical of National Socialism: they...
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