Hitler and his Consolidation of Power

Topics: Adolf Hitler, Reichstag fire, Nazi Germany Pages: 2 (1243 words) Published: November 6, 2014

From Your Knowledge and the Sources, How Far do you agree With the View That Hitler Consolidated His Power by Legal Means? There were many different views during 1933 and after 1933 that disagreed on whether or not Hitler had consolidated his power through legal means. Sources B and C disagree with this statement; they are of the opinion that Adolf Hitler consolidated his power through illegal means. Source A, however, agrees with the statement, and provides evidence which implies that Hitler was able to consolidate his power in 1933 through legal means. Source D does not fit into any of the two categories; it provides evidence that Hitler consolidated his power through both legal and illegal means. Source A is the only source that agrees with the fact that Hitler consolidated his power through legal means. The Enabling Act was a law passed by the German Reichstag in 1933 that enabled Adolf Hitler to assume dictatorial powers; it “enabled” Hitler’s government to issue decrees independently of the Reichstag and the presidency. It gave Hitler a base from which to carry out the first steps of his Nationalist revolution. As the Enabling Act was a law that was passed by those that had been in power, it agrees with the statement, as it shows that Hitler did in fact take complete control and consolidate his power through legal means. Source A is a very reliable source of information because it is a primary source and a legal document; it will not have been tampered with and would be a clear representative as to what happened. Sources B and C both disagree with the statement, as they provide information which implies that Hitler consolidated his power in 1933 through illegal means. Source B is an extract from Bracher, The German Dictatorship, 1969. It is a secondary source written by a historian who was “looking back” and remembering what Hitler was like. It emphasises upon the fact that Hitler took it upon himself to become a dictator; therefore his consolidating of...
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