Topics: Adolf Hitler, Methamphetamine, Theodor Morell Pages: 4 (1267 words) Published: June 5, 2013
Hitler’s First Illness
Starting in the early 1930’s episodes of sharp cramping pain in his right upper abdomen. The pain appeared shortly after meals.
Hitler would leave the room and sometimes return after the spasm had passed, sometimes he did not return at all. Hitler was frustrated that this occurred after every meal the pain begins without fail. Occasionally the pain would begin during a meal. He also complained of abdominal distension and frequent belching. Some days the pain completely incapacitated him. He sometimes went weeks or months without pain but it always returned and it happened like this for the rest of his life. He was in his early 40’s and had never been seriously ill before. Doctor Karl Brandt a young surgeon who traveled with Hitler in case of surgical emergencies urged Hitler in 1935 to have a complete medical examination, which was strongly seconded by Hitler’s immediate circle of friends and associates, but Hitler refused. Hitler was just assuming power and could not afford even a hint of weakness. Hitler also believed a national leader should appear at all times with strength of will and invulnerability. Only to his closest friends and associates was he forthcoming with his quirks and ailments. His public appearances were carefully staged By Hitler himself to the finest detail to maintain the impression he sought. Hitler had vast knowledge of the medical field, he shocked every doctor he ever met with his knowledge and terminology. Dr Von Eicken found a polyp on a vocal cord which he removed. Hitler was distrustful and accused von eicken of hiding the full truth. But von eicken insisted and reassured Hitler and the operation as completed and successful. This Polyp made Hitler’s voice high and squeaky. Hitler was a lover of cake and sweets. Hitler treated himself for his illness by gradually eliminating foods from his diet such which became almost completely vegetarian over time.

Theo Morell
Appearance was undesirable. Specialized...
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