Hitler's Consolidation of Power

Topics: Adolf Hitler, Nazi Germany, Nazi Party Pages: 2 (461 words) Published: April 6, 2013
Hitler’s Consolidation of Power

In January 1933, Hitler got appointed as Chancellor. This was his first step to his great success of the gaining of his political powers. Before 1933, in November 1932 the Nazi Party only got 37% of the votes, which wasn’t enough, because to change the Weimar Constitution and to be more powerful, they needed to have 66% of the votes. Due to the Burning down of the Reichstag in February 1933 though, Hitler managed to blame this event on the Communist party and using the Weimar constitution he convinced the Reichstag to ban this political party eliminating one more of his potential threats during the elections. He then decided to hold another election in march ’33 in which the Nazi Party gained 44% of the votes, but this still wasn’t enough, for Hitler to pursue his plans. To Hitler’s luck some of the other parties also believed in Hitler’s plans so they changed their votes and gave them to the Nazi Party giving Hitler the 66% of the votes that he needed. The next thing that he then did, was to change the Weimar constitution to make himself “The Fuehrer” of Germany, or better known as Germany’s Dictator. With this position Hitler had the political powers that he had always wanted, and the powers to follow his plans. Hitler then decided to dismiss all non-Aryans from the civil services. This was to strengthen the power of the pure blooded Germans also known as Aryans which were to have blonde Hair and blue eyes. The ironic thing is that Hitler had neither. After the dismissal of all non-Aryans from the civil services he abolished all trade unions to prevent any uprising or strikes from the working class. The following events went all according to Hitler’s master plan. First he hired assassins, to kill a lot of his political rivals. This night in June 1934 is also known as the night of the long knives. Just two months later, president Hindenburg died of age, making Hitler almighty. He now had the full control over Germany. His next...
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