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Hitachi GST Streamlines Global Distribution Network
Hitachi, Ltd. is a leading global electronics company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. In 2003, the company founded Hitachi Global Storage Technologies (GST) by combining its storage technology business with IBM’s Storage Technology Division (STD). As the two businesses merged, Hitachi GST chose UPS Supply Chain Solutions to implement a global distribution system.

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Hitachi has long identified data storage technology as one of its core businesses. The company underscored this commitment when it began the process of acquiring IBM’s hard drive business. The resulting company, Hitachi GST, combines the strengths of both operations. Hitachi GST, with headquarters in San Jose, California, offers a full product line for traditional IT markets and emerging applications, including consumer electronics. Prior to the formation of Hitachi GST, an integrated distribution network between Asia, Europe and North America was created for IBM STD by UPS Supply Chain Solutions. The network gave IBM customers the advantage of immediate local delivery service or direct air transport, customs documentation and clearance, and complete shipment tracking. The streamlined supply chain produced significant cost and service benefits for IBM customers throughout the world. Hitachi GST also required a global distribution network with the flexibility to adapt to evolving market requirements. When Hitachi acquired IBM’s hard drive business, it opted to use UPS Supply Chain Solutions to implement and manage the distribution network for the combined businesses. “Integrating the distribution networks of the two hard drive operations was an enormous undertaking,” said Hortense Vasquez, director of worldwide logistics and warranty, Hitachi GST. “The UPS Supply Chain...
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