Histroy Big Beast Question

Topics: Black Death, Infectious disease, Bubonic plague Pages: 1 (430 words) Published: December 3, 2014

“Medieval attempts to stop the plague were useless.”

How far do the sources support this view? Use the sources and your own knowledge to support this view [10 Marks]

Medieval attempts to stop the plague were useless, this statement is supported by Source A. Source A shows villagers burning clothes of victims of the Black Death. Source A supports this statement because burning clothes didn't prevent the spread of the plague, it is slightly ironic that because the people who had owned the clothes previously had probably burnt others' clothes to prevent the spread but ended up being infected. Using my own knowledge I know that burning clothes is a useless thing to do because it was actually fleas that spread the plague so burning clothes would not stop infection. In source E it is stated that “the plague killed a large number of people.” This is evidence that this method of preventing the disease did not make a significant difference in saving lives.

Source E also agrees with this statement because it states that “the plague killed a large number of people.” This by itself is evidence that attempts to stop the plague were useless because such a large number of people died. Using my own knowledge I know that most of the methods used my medieval people during the time to treat the plague were ineffective. It is likely that this source is reliable because it was written by a monk who lived through the Black Death, someone who experienced it first hand.

Although, source C was not a completely useless attempt to stop the plague. Source C was an Instruction to the Lord Mayor of London from King Edward III in 1349. It was an order to clean up the streets. The King stated that this was “a danger to men,especially with the contagious sickness”. He was actually correct and this was partly beneficial to stopping the plague spread because it was likely that rats carrying fleas that spread the disease would have become common in the unhygienic conditions of the...
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