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I’d definitely recommend travelling from Central to South America by boat (Panama to Cartagena in Colombia for around 6 days, $400) You get to visit the islands of San Blas and the indigenous peoples there, snorkel, sail… Cartagena: visit the Old City (We wandered the streets for hours basking in the old rustic architecture), ‘swim’ in the Mud Volcano (about an hour away), spend a few nights on Isla Blanca (30 mins away by boat, white sand & turquoise water, stay in hammocks and eat seafood) Santa Marta: this town is nothing special but acts as a gateway to a lot of better destinations like La Ciudad Perdida (Lost City Trek: 5 days through the jungle with a river flowing beside it the whole time. The ruins at the end aren’t too impressive its really the hike that was the highlight for me). From SM you can also go to Parque Tyrona (the national park about 1-2 hours away, you hike into it and it has some beautiful beaches and camping grounds, the further you go I the better it gets so I’d recommend Cabo San Juan del Guia to camp at). Taganga: this town is close and you can access Ciudad Perdida from here (offers scuba diving but the water is dark and the beach is crappy so only come here to party either end of your hike, and stay at the Bayview!) Barranquilla: this town can definitely be missed UNLESS you are in here in time for the Carnaval de Barranquilla, which was 4 days of awesome street parties, music, parades and being attacked with flour/silly string/shaving cream every 5 metres. San Gill: this is the town to visit for all your crazy adventure sports like white rafting etc Medellin: Ugly urban city (like most in Latin America). We paraglided with eagles which was the best view of the place, also did the Pablo Escobar tour and danced on is grave  Bogota: An amazing city! Stay in La Candelaria and make sure you do a Bike Tour (can book from the Cranky Croc Hostel, the best tour I’ve done in my life run by a journalist who has some amazing...
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