History : Women as People (1915)

Topics: Law, Judge, Supreme court Pages: 2 (367 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Women Persons?
Alberta, Canada November, 1st 1929

Do women have the right to hold political equality? Should they be considered persons? Should there vote even count? Judge Emily Murphy changes much of this due to women equalities. She used “ The Persons Case” Women winning political rights, under represented by our government, but moving forward every day. Woman fighting together to be considered persons, to hopefully defeat all barriers in front of them. This time has all passed, women now treated as equal persons. The start to the progress of women as people, winning right to vote in federal and provincial governments. New trends considered daring by many such as; short dresses and getting jobs is a normal thing. Women as University graduates went up every year; they started taking on men trades. Women used to work as cleaners, clerks, and low paying office workers and now considered useful peoples in workplace. This was a new sight to our citizens as well as women now participating in sports and extracurricular activities as well. Emily Murphy was appointed magistrate in 1916, however this wasn’t legal said a group of men. To be appointed you had to be considered a “person” under law. Alberta by passed this but the group of jealous men went to higher court systems. Women now able to hold seat in the senate, many men and women believed that this wasn’t right but now the law is passed. Un-equal schooling and job opportunities, different views and laws concerning what women can and can’t do show that women aren’t persons are long gone. We suspected that through the good times of the 20’s women will change their ways and society. Women getting paid only 60% what a man would make for the same job. Ottawa Government refused to appoint a female senate, again women weren’t persons. As Emily...
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