History Week 1

Topics: Americas, Indigenous peoples of the Americas, North America Pages: 1 (525 words) Published: April 19, 2015
Explain current beliefs about how the first peoples settled North America, and discuss the ways in which they became differentiated from one another over time.

There are varying opinions on how North America was settled. The first peoples believed to have settled in North America were the Indians, West Africans and Europeans over five hundred years ago. Specifically, the Paleo-Indians are believed to be the first settlers of North America. Some varying opinions were relative to the discovery of the Kennewick man, which led to more speculation on how North America was truly settled. After the Paleo-Indians, the Archaic era followed, which led to the development of agriculture that allowed the settlers to depend less on animals that had to be herded. The development of agriculture allowed the settlers to sustain life as they had a consistent food source that could be grown. The Pre-Columbian era followed the Archaic era, which is when societies began to develop. These newly formed societies were able to flourish because they had a consistent food source that allowed them to remain in a specific area for long periods of time. Even though the first settlers began to flourish, they still had to deal with territorial disputes, language barriers and conflicting ideas about the implementation of tradition among the settlers. Additionally, the settlers experienced some issues with trade due to land lust. Over time, each area enhanced their way of life with new advancements like agriculture and prolonged colonization.

Describe the founding of European nations' first colonies in the New World.

The first colonies in the New World were established by the Spanish. With the establishment of these colonies came great disease and a great deal of warfare that affected the Caribbean, Mexico, North America and South America. This disease and warfare nearly eradicated the existing peoples that inhabited the lands during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. In pursuit of...
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