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Taylor Crawford
September 16, 2014
Professor Prejsnar
Religion 170
Silas Deane life was what we called the "American Dream." Coming from a poor family, he eventually went to Yale becoming lawyer. After changing his career paths, he joined politics where he held an important role as France's ambassador, where he became the enemy of his home nation and England during the American Revolution. He was on the French blacklist as well therefore having to take refuge in Flanders. While he did live an isolated life awhile, he decided once all the drama around him calmed he would return to his home nation of America, which made his death strange. He was returning to the country that once called him a traitor and he travelled along with his friend, Edward Bancroft, who is an American spy. In addition, it was believed he was poisoned; which also points the finger at Bancroft, being he was the only person close enough to do so. All of these facts proved his death timing and case was abnormal.

After reading the story of Silas Deane, the historian duty may have been to look further into the mysteries of his life. It does not seem easy to find out who was on the boat travelling with him back to America or to know that he fled to Flanders especially knowing what he was doing there. History usually tends to things that have affected history; however, it can also include the lives of people included in those historical events. Historical revisionism is displayed here because the historian went back in history looking for the details to fill in for the cause and effects. All the evidence the historian had such as letters proved as evidence that he studied Silas Deane's case critically. With evidence and re-examining, the historian used historical revisionism and gave a better understanding of the case.
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