History Revision: The Great Patriotic War, Cold War, WWII Alliances

Topics: World War II, Cold War, Soviet Union Pages: 3 (925 words) Published: January 24, 2013
Revision History HL

2: The Great Patriotic war
Breakdown of wartime allience
Cold War
Policies toward Germany
Eastern European statelite states
Warsaw Pact

The Great Patriotic War:
The great Patriotic War is a term used in Russia or previous parts of the Soviet Union when referring to a part of the Second World War. It had originally been used first under the French invasion led by Napoleon and when referring to the First World War, before it again was used. The name represented fighting for your homeland. The Great Patriotic War (GPW) were during the German Occupation of the USSR, which lasted from 22nd of June1941, until 9th of May 1945. The Soviet term only refers to the war between USSR and Nazi Germany and it's European allies on the east front were Germany had approximately 200 divisions. It does not refer to the war on the Western fronts, the war in Japan, The Soviets attacks on Finland and Poland, The 1940 invasion of the Baltic states or the 1941 invasion of Iran.

The occupation of Russia or «Operation Barbarossa» is the biggest military operation ever completed, both in manpower and in casualties. It had been one of the main goals for Hitler since the start of the Nazi Party in the beginning of the 1920s. In 1932 Hitler and Stalin signed a nonaggression pact, but Hitler only saw this as a good tactical maneuver. During the Germans time in Soviet they wanted to put a stop to communism and at the same time get rid of everyone that were a threat toward German power in Eastern Europe. Soviet refused to collapse, even though the Nazis had expected a rapid fall. Germany kept trying to push over Soviet so it would collapse, but Soviet knew how to use the surrounding to their advantage.

Breakdown of wartime alliance:
By the end of the Second World War, there were three main victors, Britain, The United States and the Soviet Union. At the start of the Second World War, this, "Big Three", had one united goal; to bring...
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