History Reflection-Chesepeake

Topics: Colony, John Rolfe, Agriculture, Maryland, Thirteen Colonies, Government / Pages: 3 (729 words) / Published: Feb 5th, 2013
Reflection #1 – Chesapeake

The author states that the four events that shaped the development of the Virginia colony are the first shipment of tobacco in England, the establishment of a new governmental organization in 1619, the Indian uprising and massacre of 1622, and the census of 1624/25. I do agree with the author, these four events did in fact help shape the development of the Virginia colony.
The distribution of tobacco was adopted by John Rolfe and his associates in 1612 from the Caribbean. It was one of the first agricultural practices in the colony that prospered. Other crops like barley, oats, and English wheat did not prosper at all. The tobacco crop became a staple crop in the Virginia colony and it changed the colony as a whole. The social aspect of the colony along with the economic structure both changed, for the better. Settlers had shipped 20,000 pounds of tobacco to England by 1618 and by 1622 they had shipped 60,000 pounds. The cultivation of tobacco in the Virginia colony definitely helped shape the colony in many ways.
In 1619 they had problems of organization which led them to reevaluate the colony’s plan. They decided to completely revise all the rules to allow access to land, introduce English common law, and to allow access to governmental decision making to the settlers. This new governmental organization gave the colonist the opportunity to choose their own delegates to represent them. Before the new governmental organization was put into play the colonist had been ruled by martial law. This was the first time they had the privilege of freemen. This especially helped the development of the Virginia colony. Without an organized governmental system they wouldn’t have made it as far as they did. It was a necessary tool in developing the colony.
In March of 1622, the Indians took the lives of over 350 colonists. Three hundred and fifty is one third of the residents that had arrived in the previous two years. More than half of the

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