History Quiz 4 1

Topics: United States Declaration of Independence, American Revolution, American Revolutionary War Pages: 3 (906 words) Published: July 11, 2015
History of the United States B17A-01
Quiz #4
1) American forces suffered from smallpox at the time they attacked Quebec. a. True
b. False
2) The Continental Congress in 1775 still professed loyalty to George III, sending him the Olive Branch Petition, which sought a cease-fire while negotiations took place. a. True
b. False
3) Pontiac’s Rebellion helped eliminate French influence in the Ohio River. a. True
b. False
4) The heavy losses at the Battle of Bunker Hill made British generals more cautious. a. True
b. False
5) Mercantilism involved colonies supplying raw materials to the mother country. a. True
b. False
6) The Royal Proclamation of 1763
a. Made colonist pay for the British army of the West
b. Forbade settlers west of the Appalachians
c. Required strict enforcement of the Molasses Act of 1733
d. Caused a shortage of hard money in the colonies
7) At Fort Necessity in 1754, George Washington
a. Defeated the French
b. Defeated the Indians
c. Surrendered to the French
d. Suppressed Pontiac’s Rebellion
8) In the British colonies in the 1700s,
a. Ownership of property was required for voting
b. A higher percentage of the people could vote than any other part of the world c. Blacks, Indians, and women could not vote
d. All of the above
9) The protests developed by the committees of the Continental Association used a. Hundreds of petition to Parliament
b. Economic boycotts
c. Sabotage
d. Militiamen to fight the British soldiers
10) In March 1770, Crispus Attucks became
a. George III’s main representative in Boston
b. The first American to call for war against the British
c. The first martyr of the colonial resistance
d. Leader of the Paxton Boys in Pennsylvania

11) The Declaration of Independence
a. Was written entirely by Benjamin Franklin and John Adams
b. Boldly presented new arguments for independence
c. Rejected the contract theory of government
d. Restated John Locke’s ideas
12) A major goal of the Navigation Acts...
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