History Paper June 2012-Protest, Law and Order

Topics: Emmeline Pankhurst, Cat and Mouse Act, Suffering Pages: 3 (1292 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Protest, law and order in the 20th century

1- From the source we can learn that the Home Secretary had a negative view on the Suffragettes, as he thought that they were irresponsible in their actions. For example when he says “...chose to organise disturbances and commit assaults” and “chose to go to prison”. The repetition of the word “chose” highlights that the Suffragettes knew exactly what they were doing, but their actions were impulsive. However there is evidence in his speech that shows that he feels a little bit of sympathy for the Suffragettes. This is shown when he says “force feeding is not a punishment”. This shows that he doesn’t want any harm to come to the Suffragettes and he wants them to be well, but the idea of force feeding come as a last result. As nothing else worked, force feeding was a must in making sure that the Suffragettes wouldn’t become very ill or die. 2- The newspaper illustration gives the impression that the Suffragettes were treated brutally. This is evident by the picture where the woman was obviously in a huge deal of pain with an evil looking man shoving the tube down here throat. This emphasises how brutal the method of force feeding really was, and how people approached the situation with carelessness and had no respect for the Suffragettes. Furthermore the words “tortured” and “forcible” have very negative connotations of agony and pain which is represented in the picture. The picture also shows how the woman’s hair and arm are being held strongly and forcefully. This shows how they didn’t care how they treated the Suffragettes and that they had one job and they did it with no morals or thoughtfulness about how much pain they were inflicting onto the Suffragette. 3- Sources B and C are similar as they both share views that the method of force feeding was unpleasant and at times painful. However Source D disagrees and says that the method of force feeding was “neither dangerous nor painful”. Source B shows that...
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