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Topics: Mobile phone, Telephone, Bluetooth Pages: 2 (604 words) Published: May 25, 2013
What are the two best inventions of all time? In my opinion, they are the Bicycle, and the Mobile Telephone. What are the two best inventions of all time? In my opinion that would be the bicycle and the cell phone. I’ll start by first explaining why I believe that the bicycle is a great and helpful invention. Let’s say you need to travel somewhere at a relatively quick pace, but walking is too slow for you. What can you do? What if you can’t operate a vehicle? You can ride a bicycle! It doesn’t require a license to operate, it’s great exercise for your body, and in my opinion it’s a much safer way than being behind the wheel of a four thousand pound vehicle traveling at let’s say, 50 mph. In 1885, British inventor John Kemp Starley designed the first "safety bicycle" with a steerable front wheel, two equally-sized wheels, and a chain drive to the rear wheel. This soon evolved into the machines that we all know and use now. I also believe that the bicycle is a great invention because personally, I ride my bicycle every day. Of course I can easily drive somewhere, but frankly it’s just such great exercise, it helps you get active, it gets your blood moving, it allows you to feel the wind, feel the warmth of the sun, smell the air, and who wouldn’t enjoy being able to ride on the sidewalk safely, while not having to stop at red lights, and worry about speeding tickets. To me, biking is a lot easier, safer, and sometimes even faster. What a valuable invention. Mobile Telephone 1946 Bell Laboratories U.S

Why do I think the cell phone is a great and helpful invention? Well let’s say that one day you’re away from your landline, and need to make a call. Without a cell phone, what would you do? Without my cell phone I don’t know what I would do. Cell phones have advanced so much since 1946, when I was younger I got my first cell phone; it was big, clunky, pre-paid, and cheap. Now at the age of 16, I have an iPhone, one of the most popular and known cell phones of...
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