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Topics: Slavery, African slave trade, Industrial Revolution Pages: 43 (8420 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Modern Era

|1. Which of the following was not a characteristic of the Industrial |6. Which of the following best summarizes the reform movements of the | |Revolution? |Industrial Revolution? | | | | |a) capitalism replaces mercantilism as dominant political philosophy |a) capitalism should not be checked by government intervention | |b) mass production of goods due to advancement in machinery |b) reform more possible in Russia than in the United States due to | |c) civilizations replace agriculture with industry |autocratic structure | |d) massive urbanization |c) parliaments started passing laws that limited hours, child labor and | |e) lacked a clear-cut beginning and end |worsened working conditions | | |d) factory owners almost always made changes because they realized a | |2. Which of the following was not an effect of the Industrial Revolution? |happy, healthy, well-paid work force could be more productive | | |e) the number of people with influence – aristocracy and middle class – | |a) Western countries hesitant to export industrialization to colonies to |increased pressuring the government to act on behalf of the workers | |maintain dominance of trade | | |b) labor became less-skilled |7. Which of the following was not a major global effect of the Industrial | |c) empowered people to believe they should have say in the government |Revolution? | |d) led to reform movements that limited working hours and child labor | | |e) the wealthy middle class left urban areas for the suburbs |a) countries with industrial technology had advanced military weapons | | |b) Western European nations could not be defeated by Africans in battle | |3. Which of the following best explains why Britain was able to |c) the creation of a monoculture that damaged both the environment and the| |industrialize first? |economy | | |d) countries needed colonies to act as markets for finished goods | |a) Great Britain had vast deposits of natural energy sources – primarily |e) Britain became dominant global nation of 19th century because they were| |coal, oil, and nuclear power |first to industrialize | |b) By leaving their fields fallow, Great Britain was able to increase crop| | |production |8. Which of the following reflected the living conditions of the | |c) life expectancy rose due to improved medical care, nutrition and |Industrial Revolution | |hygiene...
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