History of Women in Television Advertisements

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History of Women in Television Advertisements

There are many different stereotypes of women in advertising. Throughout history there have been many studies that proved women were mainly portrayed on television advertisements as housewives or occupations that are subservient to men. Studies also show the disproportional ratio of women to men in TV advertisements. In the 70’s, it was reported that women were found on camera only 21 % of the time. Allan and Coltrane conducted a study that showed inversely, in the 80’s female appearance on TV advertisement were 5.8% less compared to the 50’s! (Pierce, 1999) In 1996, the Kaiser Family Foundation and Children Now calculated that women were on camera 42 percent of the time. Though this was an increase percentage wise from previous decades, gender inequalities still are rampant. This fact is proved a study conducted by Professors Daniel J. Bretl and Joanne Cantor of the University of Wisconsin (1995) which found that 90% of voice-overs used in advertisements were male, despite some of the products were aimed predominantly to females. (http://www.childnow.org)

Effects of Advertising on Women

Two pretty young twenty year old girls with a guy in his twenties in the middle. The girls are laying on him. Advertising has many effects on society as a whole. As a result of not being in as many commercials, at very young ages boys and girls conclude that girls are valued less than boys. The commercials that females are mostly in are ones that portray them as them and thin and beautiful while some how also being subservient to men. The negative effects of advertising on women fall into a huge range of problems. The most common would effect be the constant increase of women’s struggles with dieting and eating disorders. As, Wilson and Blackhurst point out, “…fifty-six percent of all women are on diets (Pipher, 1995) …and eighty percent of girls have dieted by the time they reach eighteen (Brown, 1993).” Unfortunately as...
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