History of the United States from 1800 to 1900

Topics: California Gold Rush, California, James Lick Pages: 2 (526 words) Published: January 20, 2015
History of the United States from 1800 to 1900
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YuChuan Zhou

This this personal introduction. The most important thing in life is a course to know yourself. After entering university, entered into a new environment -- totally different from my hometown of an environment. Whenever I encounter problems in interpersonal, my mind emerge out of such a question: what the hell am I how? After repeatedly the feeling of frustration, I found that I own a lot of changes have taken place. I don't know these changes is good or bad. My name is YuChuan Zhou. I love people call me Zed. Im from China. China is a long history country, it makes me love history. I also really want know about America’s history. That’s why I took this class. I have been here about two years. All right, let me tell u my stories. There are two things, I want to share them. First one, it’s about “Fleet Week “ and “Blue Angels” This year the event begins with a roar around noon Thursday when the U.S. Navy’s Blue Angels precision flying team begins its practice runs over San Francisco and the bay. The Angels fly again Friday, Saturday and Sunday as part of an air show over the waterfront. The Angels are the most visible, and sometimes the most controversial, part of Fleet Week, but they are not the whole show. This year’s event includes a parade of ships Friday morning at 11, public tours during the week of two U.S. and three Canadian Navy ships docked along the Embarcadero, band concerts, and displays of the military capacity to provide humanitarian aid during a disaster and other events. God that’s so cool. Second one:Dining Experiences,Ghiradellhi’s chocolate factory. The Bay Area’s history with chocolate dates back to the California Gold Rush, when Domingo Ghirardelli opened the city’s first chocolate factory in 1852. Ghirardelli (whose father was a chocolatier in Italy) had come to the Bay Area (by way of Uruguay and Peru) to try his hand at gold mining...
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