History of the United States

Topics: Frontier, Cowboy, Frederick Jackson Turner Pages: 4 (1143 words) Published: January 24, 2015
Alicia Alcaraz
Period 3
AP U.S. History
December 8, 2014
APUSH Chapters 27 & 28 Homework Assignment

Chapter 27:
1. Whites finally overcame resistance of the Plains Indians ultimately with various factors. The whites had a fire-and-sword policy that was the last step to shatter the spirit of the Indians. The railroad, diseases, locomotives, and the near-extinction of the Buffalo in the plains all contributed to the “taming” of the Plains Indians. The railroad sprang right through the heart of the West. Locomotives brought never ending amounts of white troops, farmers, cattlemen, sheepherders, and settlers in the Indians territories. The white people’s diseases killed off many of the Indians because of how little resistant their immune systems were. After the Indians resistance ceased, the Indians were forced into reservations in different territories and were practically almost ignored to death.

2. The successive phases of mining, cattle raising, and farming each contributed greatly to the settlement of the Great West. The successive phase of mining contributed by subduing the continent. The mining frontier attracted population and wealth as well as advertising the found wonders of the west. The founding of metals helped finance the Civil War as it facilitated the building of railroads, enabled the Treasury to continue specie payments, and brought the silver issue into American politics. Cattle raising contributed to the settlement of the Great West by creating a new profitable business that easily sprang up into existence “as a main pillar of the economy”. And lastly, the successive phase of farming contributed to the settlement of the Great West by contributing to new inventions and techniques used in farming that made it easier and more convenient.

3. There were various social, ethnic, environmental, and economic factors that made the trans-Mississippi west a unique region among the successive American frontiers. Native Americans made their...
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