History of the Telephone

Topics: Alexander Graham Bell, Telephone / Pages: 2 (342 words) / Published: Apr 6th, 2006
Today, pretty much every, single household has a telephone. We take that for

granted. About 130 years ago, nobody ever thought that something like this would

become so useful, and so widely used. The idea of a telephone was first uncovered in

1874. Two years later, the idea became a reality. A brilliant man by the name of

Alexander Graham Bell invented this wonderful contraption. Modern day telephones

are now quite small, but when first invented, the telephone was rather large. The

actual design of the telephone was designed by Bell's partner, Thomas Watson.

After several tries, success finally came. The very first words spoken through a

telephone were uttered by Alexander Graham Bell himself to Watson, "Mr. Watson,

come here, I want you." At the time this was said, Watson was in another room.

Though that doesn't seem that great now, think of how much it has a evolved

through the years.

As time progressed, the telephone was improved little by little. Eventually the

Bell Telephone Company was created. Not a large amount of people had phones,

but the customers grew over time. This affected that time greatly because it was

much faster to communicate to other people who did have access to the telephone.

Today, it plays a HUGE role. Pretty much everybody has a cell phone. We all use it to

communicate with our friends and relatives, for work, and for emergencies…it's such

a useful thing today.

Back then, the telephone may have helped other businesses prosper because

the telephone was a MUCH faster way to communicate with other people rather

than by mail and other forms of slow communication. Since the communication was

faster, things leading up to business improvement was faster, and if businesses

improved, therefore more people were likely to buy and or use those businesses.

The drastic changes made to the telephone throughout all these years has

been an amazing

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