History of the New York Yankees

Topics: New York Yankees, Yankee Stadium, World Series Pages: 2 (854 words) Published: April 15, 2013
The New York Yankees are hands down the most successful franchise in professional baseball. They became the modern day goliath in every facet of the game. However, it hasn’t always been like that. The team originated in the late 1800’s in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In 1899, the Minneapolis team moved to Baltimore, Maryland, where they became the Baltimore Orioles. Minneapolis and Baltimore both failed to realize the behemoth that was to become the Yankees. In 1903, the team moved to New York City, and became the New York Highlanders. The New York Highlanders built a stadium at 168th and Broadway, and called it Hilltop Park. After losing their first game against Washington, they won their first home game, against the same Washington team. This is when their uniforms developed the famous pin stripes. In 1913, the team moved to the Polo Grounds and officially became the New York Yankees. The Yankees acquired many players from the Boston Red Sox because the owner of the Red Sox refused to pay high salaries. George Herman Ruth Jr., known to sports fans as Babe Ruth was the most notable acquisition in 1919. In the 1920’s the Yankees won 3 world championships, and started their rise to worldwide fame. In 1923 the Yankees Stadium was built in the heart of the Bronx, in New York City. This stadium became the home of the Yankees from 1923 to 1973 and from 1976 to 2008. The stadium’s nickname, “The House That Ruth Built”, has the most history, from the dozens of Hall of Famers that played in the pinstripes, to all the World Series titles. The Yankees stadium hosted 6,581 Yankees regular season home games during its 85-year history. Many baseball historians consider the 1927 Yankees team to be the best assembled of all time. In the World Series, they swept the Pittsburgh Pirates. This Yankee team is known for their feared lineup, which was nicknamed "Murderers' Row". In the 1930’s the winning continued with Joe DiMaggio and Lou Gehrig, and they won four...
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