History of Technology in Higher Education

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History of Technology in Higher Education
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September 7, 2012

History of Technology in Higher Education
We are living in the time of the information boom. Never before has information been so abundant and easy to find. To many students it seems like a hassle to search for information on a computer. Could you imagine finding all of your information by flipping pages of books, magazines, and news papers in a library? “Technology is treated as a tool to help accomplish a complex task rather than a subject of study for its own sake.

The Magic Lantern
The first technological tools use in the classroom was the Magic Lantern in 1870. The magic lantern projected images that were printed on glass plates. The first college to use the magic lantern Leipzig, Germany is became renowned as a center of magic lantern technology, including its use in science education (Smith, 2011). Oil lamps and candles served as light sources for the magic lantern. Leipzig had a special amphitheater called the Spectatorium. It seated up to 400 students and had several lanterns to display images from. The first professors to use magic lanterns in America were Hugo Münsterberg at Harvard and E.B. Titchener at Cornell (Smith, 2011). The magic lantern and the kymograph were the two most essential and cost-effective instruments. The lantern, was estimated, would be used 60 times in an academic year of 35 weeks, at 10 to 30 minutes per usage before 60 to 130 students (Smith, 2011). Film Strip Projector

In 1925 filmstrip projector entered classrooms. This is the cousin of the motion picture projector. The filmstrip projector was used to show educational films in classrooms before videocassette tapes, DVD’s and MP3s. Teachers could pause filmstrip projectors for class discussions by turning a knob. Thomas Edison predicted that with the advent of projected images" books will soon be obsolete in schools; scholars will soon be instructed through the eye" (Vision of...

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