History of Skateboarding

Topics: Laughter, Evil laugh, Doctor Pages: 2 (723 words) Published: December 4, 2012
Tom Jonson was on his way to investigate a strange town named Rooshwater. No one ever visited the town, and no one ever left it. Most assumed it was a town of inbreed hicks who knew nothing, or did not care, about the world outside it. Tom had been a curious man his entire life, he loved mystery novels, engineering, and exploring exotic countries. He heard about Rooshwater from a website that focused on the paranormal and folk stories. The stories said, horrible ghosts, goblins, ghouls, and cannibals dwelled at the town. Tom didn’t believe it, who would believe such nonsense? Tom just wanted to take a look around, prove to himself and everyone else that the legends of Rooshwater were foolish stories that only idiots would believe. He had been driving for days now, following maps and signs hoping that he wouldn’t get lost. “Maybe the cannibals and ghost would get me.” He said jokingly to himself. The view was incredible in this part of the world. It was just turning autumn. The trees were a beautiful red and orange, “Just like the movies.” he thought. He didn’t need music to keep him sane on such a long drive. He watched the birds, listened to the waterfalls, even saw a few deer. Tom was interested in many things, nature being another one. While observing a particularly colorful tree, he caught a glimpse of what looked like a man and a lizard mixed. It had leathery green skin with a long tail. It stood on two legs, had long arms that came to its knees with long claws that looked as if it could rip a large animal apart in seconds. The most horrible part of all was its face. It had huge crimson red eyes, and a mouth bigger around than Tom’s head with razor sharp teeth. Tom was stunned. The creature distracted him for too long; he swerved on the road, hit a pothole, and then crashed. He awoke on a hospital bed, legs and arms throbbing, body bruised. He felt a horrible pain in his stomach. He lifted his shirt and saw a cut six inches wide above his hip. The room was...
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