History of Siwes

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History of SIWES

The government’s decree No. 47 of 8th Oct; 1971 as amended in 1990, highlighted the capacity building of human resources in industry, commerce and government through training and retraining of workers in order to effectively provide the much needed high quality goods and services in a dynamic economy as ours (Jemerigbo, 2003). This decree led to the establishment of Industrial Training Fund (ITF) in 1973/1974.

The growing concern among our industrialists that graduates of our institutions of Higher learning, lack adequate practical background studies preparatory for employment in industries, led to the formation of students Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES) by ITF in 1993/1994(Information and Guideline for SIWES, 2002). ITF has as one of its key functions; to work as cooperative entity with industry and commerce where students in institutions of higher learning can undertake mid-career work experience attachment in industries which are compatible with student’s area of study (Okorie 2002, in Asikadi 2003).

The students Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES) is a skill Training programme designed to expose and prepare students of Agriculture, Engineering, Technology, Environmental, Science, Medical Sciences and pure and applied sciences for the Industrial work situation which they likely to meet after graduation. Duration of SIWES is four months in Polytechnics at the end of NDI, four months in College of Education at the end of NCE II and six months in the Universities at the end of 300 or 400 or 500 levels depending on the discipline (Information and Guideline for SIWES, 2002). Aims and Objectives of SIWES
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