History of Sex

Topics: Homosexuality, Gender, LGBT Pages: 2 (407 words) Published: October 10, 2013
Alexia Gonzales March 24th, 2013
History of Sex
The history of sex is very extensive over the centuries and varies immensely. It is evident that the history of sex has changed frequently and has shaped our country into what it is today. While the class was learning about the history of sex in the United States, two particular things I was interested in learning more about were the second wave of feminism and the gay liberation during the 1960s.

The second wave of feminism focused on women’s rights in a very different way than the first wave. It focused on issues dealing with sexuality, family and divorce, and laws based on sexuality, such as rape. Learning about the different laws and acts that were passed during this wave really helped me gain more understanding of sexuality and what it took to get to the position women are in today. While some gender discrimination still happens unfortunately, it is important to understand the rights women have in the workplace and in education. It is also important to understand the struggle that women have gone through before gaining awareness about issues such as rape, sexual harassment, and family-planning services. As a woman looking at second wave feminism in a social constructionist point-of-view, it is imperative to know the history of feminism and the road it took to gain the rights we have today.

The gay liberation during the 1960s was influenced by many different factors at the time it took place. The Stonewall rebellion was the heavily publicized event that really took the liberation to the next level. The riots caused at the Stonewall Inn in Greenwich caused more attention to be brought to liberal communities and their acceptance of homosexuality. It also enticed homosexuals to speak openly and freely about being homosexual. Pride parades and festivals were made popular and are still popular in the LGBT community today. From a social constructionist view, the importance of the gay...
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