History of Relational Database

Topics: Database, SQL, Database management system Pages: 3 (751 words) Published: December 10, 2010
History of Relational Database
Hao-Wei He
Wilmington University
October 9, 2010

Database system have been inseparable with our daily life, since IBM developed the hierarchical database management system in 1969, database system has been innovated many times, such as hierarchical database, network database, relational database, and object-oriented database. Nowadays, relational database still is the most popular model used by different industries; this article is going to introduce the history of the relational database.

History of Relational Database
Data, which can be defined as an entity of meaning, it is the original material to construct message and knowledge. Thanks to the assistance of computer, data processing practices reached several important milestones. The earliest way to store data are done through manual file management, all documents will be filed and then store, but this method had many processing restrict, such as search, storage takes up a lot of space, and cannot be access by people at the same time. After IBM announced the first set of hard disk drive for data storage in 1956, due to the innovate development of hard drive, and the access speed much faster than magnetic tape, it replaced the tape drive gradually, and then direct access file system developed. Although direct access file system could access each files directly and improved a lot of missing, but since the objects are files, it still lack of flexibility of processing.

Database can be considered to automatically query and modify data sets. There are a variety of database types; from the simplest store all kinds of information forms to large-scale database systems that able to process a variety of mass data storage, are widely used in all inspects of applications.

The advantages of database management system:
* Reduced redundancy
* Integrated data
* Integrity
* Data commonality
* Protect data safety and privacy

The disadvantages of...

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