History of Radio and Tv

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History of Radio and TV
In past time all people had to communicate was a printing press for local newspapers. It must’ve taken a long time for everybody to get their newspaper. Then with the discovery of radio waves, a new invention evolved called the radio. The first former radio-communication was the telegraph. The telegraph was used for long-distance messages, but for these messages to be understood a creation of a secret language was formed; called Morse code. The United States military often uses Morse code to send secret military messages that they do not want to be detected by their enemies. In 1895 the first Crystal Radio was invented by Nikola Tesla. Then in the early 1900s, the requirement for further development of the radio was an efficient, but delicate detector of electromagnetic radiation. Lee De Forest provided such a detector. This detector made a possible to amplify the radio frequency signal picked up by the antenna, before applied to the receiver detector; this meant much weaker signals can be utilized which was previously impossible. Then came A.M. and F.M. radio, which is used all over the world today. Then came satellite radio, satellite radio allows us to use the satellites to transmit a.m. and f.m. signals to radios all over the world.

The radio started by the discovery of radio waves. If we did not have radio waves we could not have the radio. A lot of people depend on the radio. We owe the creation of the radio to Guglielmo Marconi. Marconi was an Italian inventor who proved that he could carry out radio communication. He sent and received his very first radio signals in Italy in 1895. Four years later he flashed the very first wireless signal across the English Channel into years later received the letter “S”. In which was telegraphed from England, this was the first successful transatlantic radio telegraph ever recorded.

The radio has evolved over many years. We first started out with telegraph, then moved on to crystal radios,...
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