History of Punk Rock

Topics: Punk rock, Rock music, Ramones Pages: 2 (708 words) Published: January 7, 2007
The History of
Punk rock.

By. John Maloney.
November 13th, 2006
Block 1 Social studies.

John Maloney 11-30-06 Block 1 Social Studies History of Punk Rock It was in a club called the electric circus, complete with pulsating lights, fragmented pieces of movies and strip lighting writhing on the floor, flashing off and on like a demented snake that's swallowed phosphorus. That's where Andy Warhol found the velvet underground. Some young band singing on stage about LSD and S&M. He then eventually became their manager. The stooges and Mc's where the next piece in the puzzle we consider the history of punk rock. Often playing loud, crashing and violent music. Lastly the final influence from the glam rock scene where the several bands like David Bowey and the New York Dolls, who dressed and lived outrageously glamorously. Those who would produce this loud trashy sound would be forced to split it into sub-genres like Hair Metal, Hard Rock and eventually Punk Rock. This was the starting point in punk rock music.

No solid bands had appeared until the mid 70's,Where bands like The Ramones, Johnny Thunder and Blondie would come out playing at popular places like CbGb Playing at these places exposed these bands to more and more people. At the time England had started to produce its own punk rockish music. It was very political and economical. The United Kingdom had some very poor economics at the time. Un-employment was...
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