History of Psychology Paper

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History of Psychology Paper
May 3, 2010

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History of Psychology Paper

People have always been curious about the way human behavior. Psychology is the scientific study of mental and behavioral processes. Psychology can be traced back to a time when philosophy was the main school of thought. People always seem to try and interpret human behavior, but it was never acknowledge or recorded until scientific experiments took place. There are several significant figures that are responsible for the history of the study of psychology. In this paper I will discuss philosophers that historically relate to the beginnings of psychology as a formal discipline. Then I will discuss some major philosophers in the western tradition that were primary contributors to the formation of psychology as a discipline. Finally I will explore the development of the science of psychology during the 19th century. Three Greek Philosophers, Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle, were the first to question the nature of the mind and mental processes during the fourth and fifth centuries B.C. This process is known as Psychology. These three philosophers questioned Aristotle, during the...

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