History of Piercings and Tattoos

Topics: Walt Disney World Resort, Orlando, Florida, Epcot Pages: 3 (1299 words) Published: April 6, 2013
Disney world
There is a wonderful place in Florida known as Disney world, where everyone’s dreams come true. There is a question at hand, what age is more beneficial to a person visiting Disney world? As a child or as an adult? I for one have tried both and one age stands out more than the other. It truly is the most magical place on earth.

When I visited Disney world I was seven years old, attending with my grandparents. I had never been so excited in my life. We took a plane to get there, and I could practically hear all the Disney characters calling my name. The two hour trip, which seemed like ages to me, was finally over when we got off at the airport in Orlando. I was so excited I just wanted to run off immediately and see everything there was to see, which is obviously impossible. First we went to our hotel and got comfortable then got prepared for site seeing. The first place we visited was animal kingdom, where everything was based on African tribes and their culture. The thing I remember the most is the tree of life being carved with all different kinds of forest animals, it was also the biggest tree I have ever seen, and still is today. It’s amazing to see the art inscribed in it, and still know it’s a real tree. I spent a lot of time playing the drums with various people from the resort. They showed me many items describing what life is, and was, like for the tribes. I saw things like elephant tusks, ancient arrow heads, and they even showed me how they made drums and other instruments from animal hides. I took many pictures and couldn’t wait to ride many of the roller coasters, but being so young I couldn’t ride a lot of them, because I didn’t reach the height requirements. I spent the next day in magic kingdom where I met all the Disney characters and got all of their autographs. This was probably the most exciting part for me. My grandparents continued wanting to look in the stores at the nick-knack’s that my seven year old mind cared nothing...
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