History of Palestine

Topics: Israel, Zionism, Palestinian people Pages: 3 (873 words) Published: May 6, 2013
The history of Palestine
The region of Palestine has a very complex past and present. Palestine struggles to gain acknowledgement by the world, I therefore wanted to showcase what this area has been going through. I will discuss, what events in the past have led up to the current problems occurring in Palestine/Israel. People have the misconception that the Palestinians and Israelis have been fighting for thousands of years, however in reality when the Jews were being prosecuted and punished throughout Europe, they flourished in the Middle East. Now I want to make this clear from the beginning; there is a difference between Zionist Jews and Non-Zionist Jews. Zionist Jews believe in the creation of a Jewish State, whereas Non-Zionist Jews do not. At the end of the 19th century, because of the Anti-Semitism occurring in Europe, Jews wanted to find a solution. In the beginning only a small number of people adhered to Zionism. The Zionists had the idea to create a homeland on the land of Palestine, and this is what sparked the start of serious problems in this area. Many of the Israeli’s believed that the land of Palestine had been empty when they went to settle there, they believed this because that is what they were told, and they did not question it. In reality there were inhabitants in this area, the Palestinian people. There were roads, education, markets, commerce, etc. the Palestinians communicated with the outside world; but this misconception about there being no inhabitants in this area created serious complications for both the land and the people already living here. In 1878 the population of Palestine was 462,465 people; 96.8% of them being Muslim and Christian Arabs and the remaining 3.2% being Jews. In 1882-1914 an additional 65,000 European Jews migrated to Palestine. After World 1 the amount of Jewish immigration increased under British rule due to the Balfour Act. The Balfour Act states “His Majesty's Government view with favour the establishment...

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