History of Pakistan

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he History of Pakistan (Urdu: تاريخ پاكِستان ‎), encompasses history of the region that constitute modern Pakistan. Prior to independence in 1947, the area of modern Pakistan was both ruled and reigned by local kings and under numerous imperial power throughout different time periods. The ancient history of the region comprising present-day Pakistan also includes some of the oldest empires from the South Asia[1] and some of its major civilizations.[2][3][4][5] By the 18th century the land was incorporated into British India. The political history of the nation began with the birth of the All India Muslim League in 1906 to protect "Muslim interests, amid neglect and under-representation" and to oppose Congress and growing Indian nationalism in return the British Raj would decide to grant local self-rule. On 29 December 1930, Sir Muhammad Iqbal called for an autonomous new state in "northwestern India for Indian Muslims".[6] The League rose to popularity in the late 1930s. Muhammad Ali Jinnah espoused the Two Nation Theory and led the League to adopt the Lahore Resolution[7] of 1940, demanding the formation of independent states in the East and the West of British India. Eventually, a united Pakistan with its wings – West Pakistan and East Pakistan – gained independence from the British, on 14 August 1947. After an intense guerrilla insurgency, followed by war with India, the state of East Pakistan separated at a considerable distance from the rest of Pakistan, became the independent state of Bangladesh in 1971. The first constituent assembly of Pakistan passed the Objectives Resolution on March 12, 1949. The resolution, proposed by the first Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khan, proclaimed that the future constitution of Pakistan would not be modeled entirely on an European pattern, but on the ideology and democratic faith of Islam. The legislative elections in 1954 saw the Awami League coming to power and its leader Huseyn Suhrawardy becoming country's first Bengali...
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