History of Ordnance Corps

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History Of Ordnance Corps

The Ordnance Corp is one of the oldest branches of the Army, established May 14, 1812. The U.S. Army Ordnance Department established from The Revolutionary War. General George Washington, the commander of the Continental Army, appointed Ezekiel Cheever to provide ordnance support to army in July 1775. Until 1779, all the armies had Ordnance personnel moving with them. They were civilians and Soldiers, served as conductors for maintenance - ammunition wagon and arms. Each conductor led five to six armorers who repaired small arms. In 1776, Board of War and Ordnance was created. In 1777, the first Ordnance facilities were established at Carlisle, Pennsylvania, and the first arsenal and armory operations at Springfield, Massachusetts. Other arsenals and armories were also established at Harpers Ferry, Philadelphia, and Watertown.

On May 14, 1812, the Ordnance Department was organized by Congress. The Ordnance Department was responsibility for arms and ammunition production, acquisition, distribution, and storage for the war. In 1832, the Ordnance Corps had new responsibilities for researching and development of field services. Good work of the Ordnance Department continully to developed and tested during the Mexican War. The Mexican War became the foundation for the massive logistics. During the American War, the Ordnance Corps was really tested and developed. The Ordnance Corps brought massive procurement of weapons and supplies, and providing field support for fast moving armies. In 1898, Spain War, the Ordnance Corps first deployed overseas and provided close-combat support. During World War I, the Ordnance Corps mobilized and developed weapons systems, organized Ordnance training facilities, and established overseas supply depots. In World War II saw dramatic expansion of the Ordnance mission of production, maintenance and training. In both Korea War and Vietnam War, the Ordnance Corps provided supplies and maintenance, and...
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