History of Nursing Laws

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Act No. 2493 (115)

* An act to amend No. 310 regulating the practice of medicine in the Philippines * Provided for the examination and registration of nurses * Nurses must apply for registration to the Director of Health * Requirements: Good moral character, good health and 21 years old Act No. 2808 (1919)

* An act regulating practice of nursing profession
* the first "True Nursing Law"
* created the board of examiners composed of 3 members
* Examination date on the 2nd Monday of June and December * First board exam: 10920
Act No. 3025 (1922)
* Amplification of the definition of the nursing profession * Granting the privilege of registering as nurses without exams the Registered Nurses from the United States * Change the date of exam: 2nd Monday of April and October Act No. 4007 (1932)

* Reorganization law of 1932
* Conduct of examination was placed under the direct supervision of Bureau of Civil Service * Change of jurisdiction over the Board of Examiner under the Department of Public Instruction Executive Order No. 317 (1941)

* Pursuant to Commonwealth Act 430, transfer of jurisdiction of the board to the Department of Health and Public Welfare Republic Act No. 546 (1953)
* Organization of the Board of Examiners of nurses
* Provisions regarding nursing schools and colleges, examinations, registration of nurses including sundry provisions relative to the practice of nursing * Two important sections pertained to the need for registration as nurse before anyone could practice nursing in the country 1. No person shall practice or offer to practice nursing in the Philippines as defined in the Act, without holding a valid certificate of registration as nurse issued by the Board of Examiners for Nurses 2. Not only prohibit the practice of nursing without a certificate of registration issued by the Board of Nursing but also provides the penalty for doing so Republic Act 4704 (1966)

* Amended certain portions of Republic Act 877
* The membership of the Board of Examiners for nurses was increased 3 to 5 members * Members of the Board were to be appointed by the President of the Philippines with the consent of the Commission on Appointments and no longer upon the recommendation of the Commission of Civil Service * The requisite academic degree for members of the Board was a Master's Degree instead of Baccalaureate Degree in Nursing * No person was eligible for membership in the board if he/she was over 65 years of age * The academic qualification for Dean, Directors and Principals of colleges and schools of nursing was raised to that of Master's Degree in Nursing * The minimum age required of applicants for admission to the nurse's examination was lowered from 21 to 18 years of age, but no candidate who passed the examination was permitted to practice the profession until he/she reached the age of 21 years Republic Act 6136 (1970)

* The application and execution of legal orders in writing of physicians concerning treatments and medications including the application of hypodermic and intramuscular injection; provided that intravenous and other injection may be administered under the direction and in the presence of the said physician Republic Act 7164 or the "Philippine Nursing Act of 1991

* Redefinition of the scope of nursing practice to emphasize 1. The use of nursing process as a scientific discipline in arriving at an appropriate nursing action and care 2. The teaching, management, leadership and decision making roles of the nurse 3. The undertaking of and participation in studies and research by nurses * Requiring a faculty member who was appointed to the Board of Nursing to resign from his/her teaching position at the time of appointment and not one year preceding his/her appointment as provided in Republic Act 877 * Updating a faculty's educational qualification by...
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