History of Nursing in the Philippine

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Rose Laine L. TabequeroNovember 6, 2014
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History of Nursing in the Philippines
Early Beliefs & Practices
1.Beliefs about causation of disease:
another person (an enemy or a witch)
evil spirits
2.Belief that evil spirits could be driven away by persons with powers to expel demons. Belief in special gods of healing, with the priest -physician (called “word doctors”) as intermediary. If they used leaves or roots, they were called herb doctors (“herbolarios”) Early Care of the Sick

The early Filipinos subscribed to superstitious belief and practices in relation to health and sickness. Herb men were called “herbicheros” meaning one who practiced witchcraft. Persons suffering from diseases without any identified cause were believed bewitched by “mangkukulam” or “mangagaway”. Difficult childbirth and some diseases (called “pamao”) were attributed to “nunos”. Midwives assisted in childbirth. During labor, the “mabuting hilot” (good midwife) was called in. If the birth became difficult, witches were supposed to be the cause. To disperse their influence, gunpowder were exploded from a bamboo cane close to the head of the sufferer. Health Care During the Spanish Regime

The religious orders exerted their efforts to care for the sick by building hospitals in different parts of the Philippines. The earliest hospitals were: Hospital Real de Manila (1577) – it was established mainly to care for the Spanish king’s soldiers, but also admitted Spanish civilians; founded by Gov. Francisco de Sande. San Lazaro Hospital (1578) – founded by Brother Juan Clemente and was administered for many years by the Hospitalliers of San Juan de Dios; built exclusively for patients with leprosy. Hospital de Indios (1586) – established by the Franciscan Order; service was in general supported by alms and contributions from charitable persons. Hospital de Aguas Santas (1590) – established in Laguna; near a medicinal spring, founded by Brother J....
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