History of Medicare

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History of Medicare/Medicaid





The authority of most government agencies appears to be all

encompassing. Yet with a closer look you will find that the power is limited to the scope in which it is applied. Medicare/Medicaid enforces laws and regulations

regarding the protection and safety of the patients that are covered. The

privacy rights, the gender and ethnic origin of the patients and the economic

status of the patients are all treated equally in the eyes of the law. Let us now

look at a brief history of healthcare and the insurance coverage of the citizens.

“Health care dates back to the early 1900’s. (www.pbs.org n/d.) Doctors and

nurses have been around for many years and around the 1900’s they started

not doing services without payment for their services. As they started to get

paid for services, health care insurance evolved. This eventually became a

problem when health care was introduced and organized, as some could

afford to pay for the services and some could not. Health insurance has

become more expensive and health care prices for services have also become

outrageous as the years go on. More and more people now are out of work

and cannot afford health insurance and private health organizations and

hospitals are losing money on servicing these people who have no insurance.

The Medicaid and Medicare insurances help pay for services, but some cannot

History of Medicare/Medicaid





even afford to pay the co-pays of these insurances as they have little or no

income. Health care has become the biggest issue in the nation today.

President Obama has signed the heath care reform bill, and this may help all

have access to getting the insurance they need to take care of themselves and


“From the 1900’s and until now, health care insurance has taken many

steps to help insure people and also help the ones giving the services be paid.

But with the many people who were poor in the 1930’s due to the great

depression and on to now with the employment rates so high, services go up

and insurance is not affordable to all that need health care insurance to help

them get the treatment they need and deserve. In the 1940’s President Harry

S. Truman proposed a health care plan for all, but it was declined by the

American Medical Association. (www.pbs.org, n/d.) President Obama

recently signed the same Act and is proposing that all Americans be able to get

health insurance. What this will become is undetermined at this point, as no

one really knows if this Act will help the poor or have the ones who can afford

insurance pay for the ones who cannot afford this insurance. Health insurance

History of Medicare/Medicaid





has come a long way as also the economy has not had a good turn, as we are in

a big recession and a lot of people cannot afford insurance and a lot more

homeless people or poor...

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2. www.pbs.org/healthrisis/history
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